Most Americans are at home waiting to hear that it’s safe to return to “normal life”.

It can be a stressful time with lots of anxiety over what the future holds, so while we want to give you a few ideas for healthy ways to pass the time at home, you should take time to do absolutely nothing if that’s what you need.

So many emails and social posts are around how productive we “should” be at this time. But if you just need a break, you should know that you can take it, without guilt or regret.

However, if you’re itching to do some things for your business or your personal life, we’ve got you covered!

Virtually Visit Some “Bucket List” Places

Google Street View & Google Earth have made it possible to see many exotic places, even while you’re stuck at home. Check these out:  

1) Explore the islands of Hawaii 

2) Visit Porto, Portugal

3) Tour Queensland, Australia 

4) Discover the culture of Antalya, Turkey

5) Find your perfect adventure in Belfast, Ireland

I got lost in all the places you could explore on there.  And you can see both outside and the inside of some of these magnificent spots! What other places can you “visit” on Google Earth?  Can you find a new favorite? 

Read a Real Book

If you want to reduce your screen time, consider reading a real book! (I know, you weren’t sure Amazon even delivered books anymore, right?) 

Here are a few of our favorites and why we liked them:

1) Atomic Habits – This book explains how and why habits can change your life. 

Unlike many books on this topic, James Clear walks you through each step to creating a new habit and how to get rid of old habits, and he does it in story form, so it’s interesting too!


2) The Power of Vulnerability – If you’ve wondered what all the hype around Brene Brown is, this book will answer that! 

Brene teaches that vulnerability is also the “birthplace of joy, belonging, creativity, authenticity, and love.” In this book you’ll learn that when we drop the armor that protects us from feeling vulnerable, we open ourselves to new experiences, and that  will bring purpose and meaning to our lives.


3) The 5-Second Rule – The 5-Second Rule is a tool based on the premise that when you have the thought to act on a goal, you need begin taking action in 5 seconds. 

It’s the prefect book for those that want some extra motivation to achieve their goals, and is both entertaining and extremely helpful. 

Listen to Some Music

Throughout history, music has been used to tell stories, educate, entertain, build communities, and provide that extra hit of happiness or calmness during tough times. 

Here are a few playlists we created for you to lift your “quarantine blues”:

Listen to a Podcast

If you haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet, there’s no better time to give it a try.  There are all kinds of formats, lengths and tones, so you’re bound to find one you’ll love. 
While Dan and I have quite a few that we like, here are our top 6 (plus a bonus!): 

1) The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo – this podcast might appear to be just for those that want to be coaches, but Brooke offers some amazing insights into how to coach yourself, develop better habits, manage your thoughts and get better results. I promise she comes armed with advice and tools you can’t get anywhere else!

2) Goal Digger Podcast  – this podcast covers all areas of life and business. Jenna Kutcher is the host, and she’s funny and real with her audience. If you’re looking for a feel good podcast, with some good business and life tips sprinkled in, this is the one for you.

3) Drunk Women Solving Crimes – this is the only podcast on the list that is not about personal development. It’s purely fun – and it’ll suck you in!   On the show there are three writers and comedians:  Hannah George, Catie Wilkins and Taylor Glenn, who try to sort out true crime cases – usually over drinks. It’s informative, funny, and captivating.

4) Addicted2Success Podcast – this podcast features interviews with successful, well-known experts and entrepreneurs that offer actionable advice regarding health, business, stress, relationships and just about anything you might want to achieve success in. 

5) Your Kickass Life Podcast – the host of this podcast, Andrea Owen, wants to give you the tools to create the best life possible. Her podcast is entertaining, fun and will challenge you to up your game in all the most important areas of life.

6) Chalene Johnson has 2 podcasts, one called the Chalene Show, the other called Build Your Tribe.  Build Your Tribe covers business topics such as marketing, partnerships and sales. The Chalene Show talks about beauty, relationships, parenting, and health. Both are excellent, typically short and fun. 

Business Ideas While You’re at Home

f you’re one of the many that have closed your doors to help keep your staff and clients safe, you might be wondering how you can keep your business afloat. 

Tough times call for extraordinary creativity. Here are few thought starters to get you started: 

1) Host a virtual Q & A session – invite your database of clients via email, text or even phone calls. Plan for mid-evening, so that it’s after dinner, when things are (or can be) a bit quieter.

2) Offer consultation hours – You have expertise that people pay you for every day.  Can you offer that via phone or video calls? 

Could people show you their skincare products so you can let them know what to toss, what to use, and in what order to put them on? 

Do you have tricks you could share about how to make their Botox last longer?

3) Bundle your offers – for people to buy at a discount to use when you reopen. 

Could you bundle your services into an enticing package, so that people will buy NOW, even though they can’t use it till after the crisis passes?

4) Create a membership package – that includes products you can send to members each month in a gorgeous gift box. 

Perhaps even offer an upgrade that includes a monthly video call with you or someone on your staff.

5) Write an e-book about your specialty – and send it to your client database to buy at a discount.  

Could you write a short e-book about buying and using light therapy at home? 

Or perhaps what makeup is terrible for your skin? 

Or what a great evening skincare routine looks like for a busy mom?

6) Create a monthly newsletter – that reviews your favorite products, that they can purchase from you or through an affiliate link. 

For example, for this month, you can feature the products to use to give yourself an “at home facial”.

7) Set up your marketing/sales funnel – This is a complete system to help bring people from first seeing your Med Spa or Day Spa on social media or events, to booking their first appointment, to a becoming a long-term, repeat customer. 

8) Grow your list of interested potential clients – Start running ad campaigns with a special offer for any of the above options, so that you’re growing your database of interested potential clients and building relationships in your community while everyone waits out the virus.  

Next Steps

Does any of this make you feel a little unsure, or would you just like to bounce around some potential ideas with someone that understand marketing, the current climate and the beauty industry?

Then book some time with me and we’ll brainstorm together!

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